January 26, 2015
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Baptist Nursing Fellowship

The Baptist Nursing Fellowship is an organization that encourages nurses to become involved in mission service, both locally and internationally. It assists with special training, disaster relief projects, and local health-case ministries in addition to providing support through fellowship with Christian nurses.

For more information call Baptist Nursing Fellowship at (205) 991-4091 or email at bnf@wmu.org.

Christian Women’s Job Corps

Christian Women’s Job Corps is a job-readiness and life-skills program that brings hope, dignity, and a brighter future to women who might otherwise remain trapped in poverty and despair.

CWJC combines job training, mentoring, networking, an Bible study to help women develop skills and self-confidence in a supportive Christian environment. 

Christian Men’s Job Corps

The purpose of the Christian Men’s Job Corps is to provide a Christian context in which men are equipped for life and employment. There are many ways you can be involved in this new ministry.

Click here for Tennessee CWJC / CMJC page.

FamilyFEST / MissionsFEST

FamilyFEST and MissionsFEST are prepackaged missions experiences that provide volunteers an opportunity to partner with Christians from around the country, using their individual gifts and abilities to reach out and minister to others in Christ's name.

Click here to see opportunities for FamilyFEST and MissionsFEST.

International Initiatives

The issues of poverty, war, sex trafficking, and discrimination worldwide can seem overwhelming. International Initiatives addresses issues faced by women and children around the world by helping you change people’s lives, one at a time.

You can be a part of the solution by serving on a missions team, giving to the International Initiatives Fund, providing clean water through Pure Water, Pure Love, or providing income and open doors for Christian witness through WorldCrafts.

Click here to learn about current International Initiatives trips and projects that you can be a part of.

Pure Water, Pure Love

Pure Water, Pure Love is a ministry that began in response to a simple truth: missionaries need to be healthy to do their work, and good health requires pure drinking water. The project seeks donations to provide high-tech water purification units for missionaries working in some of the most remote and disease-ridden areas of the world.

For more information, call Pure Water, Pure Love at (205) 991-8100 or email purewater@wmu.org.

Project HELP: Human Exploitation

During 2013–2014 we will explore the unethical, selfish use of human beings for the satisfaction of personal desires and/or profitable advantage. WMU and each age-level organization will receive appropriate audience content in their materials.

Click here to learn more.


WorldCraftsSM and its local partners develop fair-trade businesses that provide sustainable income and offer eternal hope for impoverished people throughout the world. 

To learn more about WorldCrafts, visit www.worldcrafts.org.


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